Libertarian Music Monday: Fuzzbox Edition

Rules and Regulations by We’ve Got a Fuzzbox and We’re Gonna Use It:

There must, indeed, be more to life than rules and regulations to command and obey.

See also their…interesting take on Spirit in the Sky.

Fear the Boom and Bust

Hayek versus Keynes rap battle.

Many hat tips; most recently Daniel Aguilar via email, which gave me the impetus to post.

I hope Russ Roberts and the econstories crew will consider a rap video of Tullock explaining why government performs poorly. I imagine a hype-man (Charles Rowley?) yelling “Trapzoid, motherfuckers!” somewhere in the chorus.

Libertarian Music Thursday: Government Undermines Community Edition

Nark by Christchurch band Pumpkinhead, which I thought was defunct but seems to have reformed (I knew they did a show a while ago, but thought it was a one-off):

I posted this at Free Agents, but it brings back memories of my youth so I’m posting it here as well. If I remember correctly, the song was in response to a government campaign to encourage people to grass on ACC cheats.

Ontological Naturalist Music Saturday

Supertheory of Supereverything from Gogol Bordello:

Libertarian Music Wednesday: Mingus Edition

I love me some Mingus. Not his best work, but it’s called “Freedom”:

Here’s a track from his best album:

Libertarian Music Thursday: Public School Blues

The newest song from the excellent Hannah “Hanarchist” Hoffman. Check out her website for the studio version of the song, and others.

Libertarian Music Tuesday: Too Big to Fail

From the Austin Lounge Lizards:

Hat tip: EconJeff