Secession Week

If you’re a fan of political decentralization, you should check out Secession Week at Let A Thousand Nations Bloom. Today’s topic is “Introduction: Independence Is Better Than Revolution”, and there a couple of great posts by Bill Miller and Patri. I’ll have some stuff to say about the size of nations tomorrow.

Here’s the schedule for the week:

  • Monday: Introduction, Independence Is Better Than Revolution
  • Tuesday: The size of nations.  Is smaller better?  What determines size?
  • Wednesday: Culture and secession. We usually take an economic approach, but most secession movements base their arguments on group identities.
  • Thursday: Economic Secession, from Agorism to tax havens. What are the ways market-based, voluntary institutions can pave the way for incremental secession from political institutions?
  • Friday: Is it possible for a state to secede from U.S.? Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has written that, if any constitutional issue was resolved by the Civil War, it’s that there’s no right to secede. Is the U.S. forever to be, as the Pledge of Allegiance has it, “one nation, indivisible”?
  • Saturday: Was the American Revolution a Mistake? We’ll don our counterfactual hats to discuss revolution skeptics like Bryan Caplan.
  • Sunday: Final Roundup. We’ll circle wagons, round up the action, and launch of few final squibs and fireworks.

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