Miscellaneous Links

KopBusters: Reality TV show on illegal searches [SiteYoutube Channel]

Healthist doomsayers are spoiling all our fun

Uppity bitch starts petition to ban smoking outdoors in main streets of Wellington. Anyone in Wellington want to start a petition to ban uppity bitches giving smokers dirty looks?

Larry David explains Elinor Ostrom’s Nobel

Peter Klein explains Oliver Williamson’s Nobel

I doubt I have any Christchurch readers who don’t also read Crampton and Walker, but if you’re in town tonight, come to The Thirsty Weta on Lichfield Street at 9pm for the Christchurch Bloggers BashPeter Cresswell and Matt Burgesswill be down from Auckland and Wellington respectively, so it’ll be a fairly libertarian affair.

2 Responses

  1. Well that was fun. Bloody shame to hear that The Thirsty Weta is to have its lease cancelled by a council with an over-eager wrecking ball.

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