Now That’s Marketing

I’ve been really impressed with the online marketing campaign for Free to Choose Media’s upcoming documentary The Power of the Poor (which features Hernando de Soto and is bound to be excellent; airs October 8 on PBS). They are running a blog contest, with a first prize of $250 plus a DVD of the show. That’s pretty low cost, and is getting them a lot of publicity ’round the free market economics blogosphere. (It’s only open to U.S. legal residents, so I can’t enter.)

They’re also making good use of twitter. I suspect they’re following everyone mentioning The Power of the Poor, and liberally posting links to blog posts. Again, very low cost with the potential to make a big aggregate difference in publicity.

Well done, chaps! It’s good to see such a worthy project getting the marketing it deserves. People need to see this film (including me; anyone know how those of us outside the U.S. can see it?).

3 Responses

  1. Brad,

    Please send me a snail mail address and i’ll try to get you a dvd.

    Thanks for the post,


  2. Wait, are you the Brad Taylor that won the APEE Essay Contest? If so, I was a judge (I picked you to win, by the way.) Congratulations. The world needs your brain, my man.

    • Yeah, that was me. Thanks for the kind words!

      I don’t mind buying the dvd, but was hoping for a paid download or online ad-supported version to avoid the heinous shipping times to the bottom of the world.

      I can’t find any place to order the dvd; any word on when it will be available.

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