Cop Tortures Dog for No Apparent Reason

This video isn’t as horrific as some of the police brutality we see these days thanks to the ubiquity of video cameras, but the pointlessness is quite astounding. Dog barks at cop. Owners are on their way. Cop tases dog, gets a noose around its neck. Cop tases dog again once it’s already subdued from the first tasing. WTF?!

3 Responses

  1. Are you serious? Police brutality and unnecessary tasing? For someone as bright as yourself I am suprised you do not see the danger to the officer. Also, if you look close Brad, you can see the animal tries to get up after the first shock. This response of yours is similar to what the president said recently about police acting “stupidly.” make sure you have all the facts before making assumptions, you would never do that in your workplace.

    Take care, I enjoy your articles!

    • It didn’t seem to me that the dog ever looked like it was going to attack. I’d say the first tasing was excessive, at least. The dog may have tried to get up, but it had a noose around its neck and was not in any condition to attack. The second tasing seemed downright cruel and pointless.

      I’m not sure what other relevant facts there are…

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