The Space Frontier Foundation looks like an interesting organization. Their central goal of colonizing space is obviously a long-term one (though we should not underestimate the law of accelerating returns), but I suspect they’ll have an important role to play in the short term agitating for the removal of regulatory barriers to present-day commercial spaceflight.

The Space Frontier Foundation is an organization composed of space activists, scientists and engineers, media and political professionals, entrepreneurs, and citizens from all backgrounds and all nations. We are transforming space from a government-owned bureaucratic program into a dynamic and inclusive frontier open to people. We are determined to convert the image held by many young people that the future will be worse than the present, and we reject the idea that the world’s greatest moments are in its past.

Our central goal is the large-scale permanent settlement of space. We believe people have the “right stuff’ and that everyone will benefit from opening the space frontier. We believe that free markets and free enterprise will become an unstoppable force in the irreversible settlement of this new frontier, and that our world is on the verge of a truly historic breakthrough – cheap access to space.

We are changing the basic assumptions about space. Foundation speakers present a future that excites and inspires citizens from all nations, and through awards and briefings, our ideas are driving the portrayal of space into new directions. According to Dr. Robert Zubrin, “The Space Frontier Foundation is pound for pound the most effective space group in the world.”

Hat tip: Seasteading Institute.

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  1. Just stumbled upon your blog by searching for “law of accelerating returns” and “austrian economics”. I also consider myself an interdisciplinary social scientist. Edward O. Wilson wrote a great book on the subject of the value of all the newly emerging interdisciplinary fields and the interrelatedness of all knowledge:

    I’m surprised that Austrian economists in general are either largely unaware or unappreciative of the Law of Accelerating Returns and its effect on economic growth. More than that, I’m surprised that so many people are unaware that solar panels improve in capabilities and cost-efficiency exponentially in the same manner as cell phones or computers. We’re nearing the tipping point where the cost-efficiency of using solar panels and the energy capacity of batteries will soon make using fossil fuels obsolete. Oil will still be necessary for manufacturing purposes of course, but it will soon become increasingly financially unsound to use it for fuel.

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