Golf Carts and Drunk-Driving Hours

I don’t see the problem with this:

A South Milwaukee man was accused of driving drunk after trying to use a golf cart to drive home nearly 40 miles away from the golf course where he had been drinking beer.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Department said in a release Monday that the 47-year-old man told deputies his relatives had left him behind at the Kettle Hills Golf Course in Richfield Saturday.

So, he got in a golf cart and headed for home on Highway 167.

Someone called the sheriff’s department to report an intoxicated man on a golf cart driving on the highway. Deputies caught up with the man about a mile from the golf course.

He told investigators he had consumed 10 beers, but didn’t think he was intoxicated.

Golf carts seem like a great way for drunk people to get around – they can’t go very fast, and won’t do much damage in a collision. I don’t think driving drunk is a generally a good idea and it’s not something I do myself, but most folks’ opposition to it seems almost religious. If there are ways of driving drunk without imposing risks on unwilling bystanders, I’d be all for them.

Golf carts are one way, but I think there’s a better way. My idea would be to have well-publicized drunk driving hours. Don’t punish drunk drivers during specified times – when there are many people wanting to get home from the pub, but few people driving around for other reasons. If it’s only drunk people, or people willing to take the risk of being hit by a drunk, on the road during this time, it seems like an implicit acceptance of the risk. This would inconvenience the risk-averse non-drinking night owl slightly, but it would save many drunken walks and provide the opportunity for thrill-seekers to drive in more exciting traffic. For an added bonus, we could remove all speed limits and other regulations.

This would clearly be awesome, but given the opposition many people have to the idea of would-have-banned stores, I don’t see much hope for this becoming reality.

2 Responses

  1. That’s why my preferred solution to the boy racer problem would be for folks on some suitable street to get together, agree to let the racers play there at designated times, and charge admission.

  2. But if you can play on any other street, at any other time for nothing, why pay the admission?

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