Interactive Map of Freedom in US States

This is neat. Hat tip: Strike the Root

This is an interactive, visual application of the data provided by on the relative freedom enjoyed by residents in the various States. Use the sliders to adjust the weighting of various categories of policies. Categories with a “+” next to them can be expanded to adjust the relative weighting of individual factors within the category.

New Hampshire comes out on top with the default weightings, but when I adjust it to the things I care about most (I’m more worried about regulation than taxation and spending, and more of a civil libertarian than an economic one), Alaska, Colorado, and Nevada begin to look pretty good.

4 Responses

  1. All very interesting but where’s Libertarian Music Friday? Perhaps you’re too cut up about MJ’s death to listen to music?

  2. I forgot about that – will put something up now. Does MJ have any libertarian songs? hmm…

  3. Don’t know really – I had Billy Jean in my head all day.

  4. Opps, it’s actually Billie not Billy – I’m not a very good fan.

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