Miscellaneous Links

Eric Crampton continues to blog the devastating critique he and Matt Burgess made of the BERL report on the social costs of alcohol. The BERL study is utterly worthless and dangerously misleading, yet the authors continue to defend it.

How Bryan Caplan improved his social intelligence. Seems like good advice.

Spanish bar encourages insults, offers free drinks for sweet burnsGordon Tullock would always drink for free.

New Zealand Food Safety Authority ‘investigating the legality’ of high-caffiene energy shot drinks. Those meddling healthists make me very angry!

Public health researchers want price controls on milk to make it more affordable. Those economically illiterate healthists also make me very angry!

One Response

  1. Man, what’s going on with the world?….price controls, increased excise duty on booze. These dicks are doing their best to take us back in time!

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