Libertarian Music Friday: No Government Edition

I have some issues with Nicolette’s utopian vision of a stateless world (‘People would do what they wanted’ is not quite true and ‘There’d be no suffering’ is just plain silly), but I like the song and I’m increasingly coming to the view that anarchism would be preferable (in expected value terms, at least) to what we have today. This is due to my growing conviction that limited government is impossible, combined with some as-yet unstructured thoughts about market forces providing incentives for protection agencies to credibly commit to avoiding cartelization. Of course, cartelization is likely a very stable equilibrium and we’ll only get one shot at creating the institutional structure needed to ensure stable, orderly anarchy. I’ll probably blog about this once my thoughts are more in order. I’m still backing these guys over land-based anarchists, because they have a much more plausible route from here to a free society.

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