Stigmatizing Smokers

I have a post up at in which I complain about the bigotry of the anti-smoking movement. Excerpt:

Tobacco control advocates are often quite candid about their intentions. The California Department of Health Services in 1998 described its tobacco control strategy as an attempt ‘to push tobacco use out of the charmed circle of normal, desirable practice to being an abnormal practice; in short, to denormalize smoking and other tobacco use.’ Other examples of public health authorities seeking to deglamorize or denormalize smoking are not difficult to find. Government has extended its reach beyond human behavior and into the human mind itself, with conscious attempts to sway the public’s perception of smoking and smokers – to regulate social meaning.

I’ll hopefully be blogging a bit more on explicitly libertarian stuff over there, which will mean less of it here. I’ll keep blogging about economics and whatnot here, but the total output of this site will presumably fall somewhat.

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