Miscellaneous Links

Will Wilkinson and Robin Hanson argue about cultural externalities and harm. Excellent all ’round.

Kevin Kelly sees a revival of socialism in web 2.0.  It’s really civil societarianism, which Arnold Kling discusses here (thoughts from Patri Friedman here).

Businesses voluntarily respond to cunsumer preferences without government intervention. Who would’ve thunk it?

Betting on future technological progress. This is why I smoke.

My friend Jared is blogging about transport issues in Christchurch. He likes trains.

Asset prices and The Rapture. Heh.

Facebook and pronouns. Brad is this is one of my pet peeves.

A new book on the Bloomington school of political economy. All about the Ostroms.

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  1. You’ll love this one – our campus is going ‘smokefree’ from 2010! This is what happens when you have health & safety committees.

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