Louis CK on Helen Lovejoyism

Steven Horwitz points to an example of Helen Lovejoyism at Liberty & Power:

You’ve all seen them. Those ubiquitous TV ads where a simple little pill transforms a man suffering from erectile dysfunction, or ED, into a virile tiger who puts a smile on the face of his now beaming wife.

Well, Representative Jim Moran (D-VA) has seen them too, and you’d be hard pressed to see a smile on his face when he talks about the ads. “A number of people,” he says, “have come up, including colleagues, and said I’m fed up. I don’t want my three or four-year old grandkid asking me what erectile dysfunction is all about. And I don’t blame them.”

Comedian Louis CK (hat tip to Bryan Caplan for pointing to another Louis CK clip which prompted me to view others) sums up the Helen Lovejoyist argument against same-sex marriage. I’m not normally a fan of standup comedy (with some notable exceptions), but this is very funny.

2 Responses

  1. ” I’m not normally a fan of standup comedy ” – Crazy Talk! Reminds of those people who say, “Eh, I’m not really into music.”

    It certainly depends on the comic, but I love stand-up comedy these days, it’s all gotten so political. And yep, Louis CK is hilarious.

    • I just find 95% of all the standup comics unfunny. I think it’s incredibly difficult to deliver a funny monologue. Very few people can do it well, but I do really enjoy it when someone manages it.

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