An Anti-Libertarian Echo Chamber

The comments on this post make for fascinating reading. Apparently all libertarians are misogynist and racist Computer Science geeks who do not see the value of social interaction. In other news, democracy and freedom never conflict and if you think otherwise its because you don’t understand democracy. One brave soul admirably tries to defend libertarian ideas from the reverberating idiocy. No dice there, I’m afraid.

The thread exemplifies everything I hate about political debate: treating any argument against your preferred view as a threat to be eliminated; attributing evil intentions and gross stupidity, rather than differing values or honest errors of judgement, to your opponent; misrepresenting your opponents views; and attacking a caricatured position in order to dismiss a broad family of ideologies with a single blow. My impression is that every political ideology is about equally likely to commit these fallacies.  I’m probably most guilty of this when it comes to environmentalists, whom I habitually label as misanthropes. I wish folks were more willing to call out such stupidity on their own side: our tribal brains make it far too easy to slip into stupid ways of thinking.

(Hat tip: Jason Kuznicki at Positive Liberty, who has some excellent thoughts, and whose commenters manage to disagree civilly and constructively. Amazing.)

4 Responses

  1. Except I know that you have evil intentions and gross stupidity, so EPIC FAIL IS YOURS! hehe Actually, random obnoxiousness aside, sweet blog!

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