Somebody Think of the Children!

Apparently, one third of American kids think the environmental apocalypse will destroy Earth by the time they grow up, and more than half think our evil, consumerist ways will make the planet a rather unpleasant place to live. I normally think of environmentalism as a feel-good pastime, occasionally resulting in bad policies that make us poorer and less free. This survey should remind us that environmental hysteria is also a severe mindfuck for younglings. While environmental externalities do cause some problems, quality of life (including environmental quality) is on a long upward trend and fears of environmental catastrophe are largely nonsense.

2 Responses

  1. My main concern is that, by convincing kids the world is going to end, they won’t invest in education.

    I remember, when I was a little kid I kept saying I didn’t need to study as the world was going to end – as that is what I was told. Dang it!

    • lol. That’s certainly one concern. I suspect the constant fear of tornadoes hiding around every corner combined with the guilt of riding in cars some kids must have is even more harmful. I never used to study as a kid, but that’s because I was lazy, not paranoid. I’m not sure studying hard before late high school/university really makes much of a difference to life chances. I’m pretty sure video games contributed more to my education than school ever did. I haven’t looked at any data, though.

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