Is this a Thinly-Veiled Threat?

A press release from the Family First Lobby:

More Vigilante Justice Predicted Against Prostitute Laws

Family First NZ is predicting that there will be more ‘vigilante justice’ against street prostitution and residential-based brothels as communities around the country become victims of a flawed law change.

“It is not only the residents of Papatoetoe that have had a gutsful of the antics of the sex and street industry,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ. “We are being regularly contacted by groups around the country who are opposed to brothels opening next door to family homes, and within a short distance of sensitive sites such as schools, playgrounds, and playcentres.” (…)

Family First is encouraging residents to continue their battles against residential brothels and street prostitution and to continue to tell politicians that they must listen to the concerns of local communities.

They don’t specify exactly what they mean by ‘vigilante justice’, but it sounds to me like Family First is encouraging violent action against innocent prostitutes. By ‘battles’ against brothels, they could mean legal and political battles. But then why does the title and first paragraph mention vigilante justice? Bigoted thugs.

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