Smoker Bans

Dick Puddlecote snapped this photo in the Maternity waiting room of Royal Oldham Hospital, UK. 


N.B: Smokers, not Smoking. As far as I can tell, they mean what they say, presumably based on third-hand smoke concerns. 

Hat tip: The Rest of the Story.

Update: Michael Siegel at The Rest of the Story points to a press release from ASH supporting smoker bans in certain public places, and offers more commentary. The most worrying part of the press release:

“These two studies suggest that society must go beyond merely protecting children from being in the presence of parents and others who smoke in their homes, and think about more effective measures to protect children from parents who smoke anywhere. It also provides a strong scientific basis for agencies which already refuse to permit smokers to adopt children, even if the potential adoptees claim that they only smoke outdoors, and never in the presence of the child,” says Banzhaf.

Michael’s response:

This would be a really funny story, if not for the fact that it may well result in a system of “smoker apartheid,” by which smokers need to be banned from public places because of the unrestrained fanaticism and zeal of an increasingly extremist anti-smoking movement that has completely lost its base in science and in reason.

Yep. Read the whole thing.

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