Smoking Regulation is Aesthetic

Can outright smoking prohibition be far away when people support laws like this?

Lighted cigarettes meant lightened purses and wallets for smokers who were caught puffing in public last week, as the city began enforcement of a smoking ban that technically went into effect last summer.

The law, passed by the City Council last May, mandates a $50 fine for smoking on sidewalks, streets and other public places, including a 20-foot no smoking zone around outdoor patio areas of restaurants and bars, as well as parks, sports fields, playgrounds and municipal parking lots. That zone also applies to windows, doors and ventilation ducts. …

Smoking is unattractive,” [the assistant city manager] said. “Groups of people smoking can be intimidating to some people, and it may be preventing folks from shopping in Hayward.”

Unattractive? I give you exhibit A:

James Dean Smoking











In any case, there are some who find black people unattractive and intimidating, and may even choose not to shop in places with groups of black people. Why not keep them off the streets too?

Hat Tip: The Rest of the Story

One Response

  1. I’m always vaguely amused when I see a politician admitting to the absurd reasons behind the laws they support…but also more than vaguely nauseated.

    Found you via Positive Liberty trackback. Great post on state/market continuum, btw.

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