Hyperbole with which I Broadly Agree

From Save the Humans

Environmentalists hate children and want them restricted to two per family, or less. Children are the symbol of the future pillaging of the planet by humans, and the fewer of them exist the better. So much of the economy revolves around children (schools, entertainment, transport, activities, food). Reducing the number of children is the key to reducing the world population.

Another gem:

Well when environmentalists are upset, we humans should be pleased. Happy environmentalists generally means sad humans and vice versa.

I’m proud to live in the same city as this guy/gal, who sounds like the vile offspring of Julian Simon and Gordon Tullock.

2 Responses

  1. I think it’s less ideological and more overtly political. They don’t oppose generous welfare benefits that allow parents to impose the costs of raising children on others.

    They want political power, which requires the support of a majority of the next generation. It’s easier to get that from children heavily influenced by the state than from children primarily influenced by their parents.

    So the strategy is to discourage procreation where the parents will properly care for and raise the child and encourage it where they won’t.

    • I don’t think environmentalists literally hate children, but many do worry about overpopulation. This leads them to advocate controls on population growth. They fail to recognise that people are the ultimate resource.

      In New Zealand, the Greens are so far left that they do support some policies with pronatalist effects. I don’t think this is a conscious attempt to manipulate the ideological distribution, but simply a slight tension between the red and the green.

      I think environmentalist dogma in its unadulterated form is generally antinatalist, and this is entirely ideological.

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