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Government is one of the largest sectors of the world economy, yet it has benefited the least from technological development. The last major breakthrough was representative democracy, with the early adopter being the USA in 1776. Think about it – we get new car models every year, new electronic devices pop up every time we go to the store, but we only get new types of government every few hundred years! 

From the Seasteading book

2 Responses

  1. What about changing electoral systems and modes of representation?; greater powers for local authority in the LGA 2002 for example. Furthermore countries which have entrenched constitutions often make amendments, is this not an evolution of democracy and representative government?

    • Sure, but that’s minor tinkering with the same underlying product: a new version of an iPod rather than an entirely new thing. Of course, this distinction isn’t absolutely clear. There may be a bit of rhetorical license taken in the quote, but I think its very obvious that there is much less innovation in government than in other sectors.

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